We have collected an online library of studies, facts, presentation material and more for you to read and share with your state legislator, or community of coworkers and friends about the benefits of two-plate laws.
Friends and supporters of the Front Plate include:

International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)
American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)
National Sherriff's Assocation (NSA)


Fact Sheet

One and two-plate facts and stats about safety, private and public revenue loss and more in a simple one-page format for you to read and share, prepared by FRNT PL8.

Why should you care?

Although the vast majority of countries in the world use two license plates, the American and Canadian front plate debate has been going on for many years, even though two plates is one of the least expensive and most cost effective tools for law enforcement in protecting public safety.

Slide Presentation

A slideshow presentation to share safety and financial data with your associates. Present the slideshow with the information we provide, or use it as a framework to insert your own. Prepared by FRNT PL8.


Single Versus Dual License Plates
Texas A&M Transportation Institute has prepared a study on the effects of one plate and two plates in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Maryland and Texas. In all of these states, visibility, safety, revenues and law enforcement were affected depending on the presence of one plate or two.

The Ohio License Plate Safety Task Force
Ohio is surrounded by states with only rear license plates and law enforcement fights to keep it that way.